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  • Muhammed Kafadar

    Muhammed Kafadar

    Foreign news editor for Hurriyet newspaper. Previously finance editor for Dunya newspaper

  • Julie Meier

    Julie Meier

  • Emily Ervin

    Emily Ervin

    International education professional passionate about expanding access to quality education and child protection.

  • Angie Pedley

    Angie Pedley

    I follow the Soto Zen buddhist tradition, am interested in diversity, therapy and politics. An animal lover.

  • Moshood olanrewaju

    Moshood olanrewaju

    I am a community psychologist with extensive research and participatory experience in grassroots advocacy within refugee-migrant communities.

  • Christina Moreno

    Christina Moreno

    Teen mom turned-International Human Rights Lawyer-turned Founder and CEO of She Matters. Lifelong advocate of women’s empowerment. Lives in the Netherlands.

  • Clay Hensley

    Clay Hensley

  • Adolpho Gordo

    Adolpho Gordo

    68 years old historian born in Brazil. Lives since 1994 in the US.

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